Monday, June 6, 2016

Trip to Disneyland - Day 3

This was our second day at the park.  We were really excited and had the beginning all planned out.  First we were going to speed walk over to the Peter Pan ride because the line was ALWAYS 45 minutes long at least.  While we were waiting to get into the park I overheard a lot of people with the same plan as ours.  So when they let us all in, it was a mad rush to Peter Pan!  ha ha.  But when we got close to the ride, there were workers telling us that it was down and we couldn't go on it.  Oh well...maybe next time.  I'm not willing to wait 45 minutes for that ride. 

Grandma kept Riley entertained while we waited.  

So instead of Peter Pan, we hit up Dumbo.  This sounds silly, but that ride terrified me.  I guess I prefer going really fast if I'm really high up.  Ha ha.  
I think I rode with Emery and Rob on this one.  

Emery was much happier on this day with her ear protection.  Those rides are very loud.

We hopped onto the carousal and had a go on that.

Sadie and Zac stopped in this teacup for a picture.  I think Zac would have preferred that it was a different color.

Next we headed over to Toon Town.  It was so fun.  We went on the go go gadget roller coaster about 3 times I think.  It was a hit with Sadie and Zac.

Here are the kids showing off their strength in the dog pound.  Thankfully, they were able to escape!
Then we found this TNT laying around and Zac and Sadie both made it explode, thought it took a few tries! 

Resting their feet.

We all piled into this cool red car.

The kids found a little sliver of shade and huddled together in it.  I love their Goofy shirts.  

Riley was very kind and helped Emery cover her ears while waiting in line.

This was a brand new ride that opened a month or two before we went.  It was lots of fun.  Emery was even smiling at the end. 

Sadie got to ride with me.  

While the older kids went on a fast ride, I took these two over to Bug land.  ( I don't know if that is what it is really called, but it is a bug theme.)  I think this was a ladybug ride.  These two were giggling the whole ride.  I'll put a video of it at the bottom of this post.

Sadie in the bumper cars.

Here we are waiting for the parade.  I can't say enough good things about the parade.  It was amazing.  I wish we had gone on the first day too.  But I'm really glad we went to this.  We had an excellent spot too.

While we were waiting for the parade, Rob found out that Minnie Mouse was in a nearby store.  So he brought Riley in to meet her...

And then Emery....

And finally Sadie.  I think Emery's favorite part about Disneyland was when she got to meet the characters.

Here are some pictures from the parade.  A lot of them didn't turn out so I only put two on here, but it was so cool. What fun!

Lightning McQueen.


Sadie and Grandma on Dumbo.

Here are some more pictures from the Carousal.

This was a little boat ride.  Nice and relaxing.

Grandpa spent some time with Riley.  I think this was on a train ride.

Riley trying to get out of jail.

Grandma had to try the TNT.

This was us on Dumbo.
 This picture makes me laugh because you can barely See Sadie's head poking out of the front.  ha ha 

Sorry the pictures are out of order and all over the place, but day 2 was really fun.  

Here is the video of Emery and Riley giggling.  Emery stopped laughing when she saw me pull out the camera, but it was really cute.


 Here is a video of Sadie trying to get the TNT to explode.

Here is Zac trying to get the TNT to explode.

And this next video is hilarious.  Zac was trying to do the TNT all by himself and Sadie decided to help him.  He got really upset.  It was very funny and sad all at the same time.



lindsy said...

Love all of your pictures!! What fun! I especially like the last video :) :) That is something that would happen with my kids too.
I want to go just to see the parades!

Carrie Selin said...

I'm having fun all over again looking at these pictures.

Laurel and Doug said...

Peter Pan isn't worth the wait. We wasted time in the line on two of our trips, but it's not a great ride (dark, jerky and short) and my kids didn't love it, so we skip it now. You didn't miss anything! I love the pic of Riley covering Emery's ears. So sweet!

Is the new ride the one in CA Adventure Cars Land? How was it?

We love the parades too! They're so well done!

Riley in that first video is too cute!