Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trip to Disneyland - Day 4

 Our last day at Disney we spent at California adventure.  Our plan was to ride Radiator Spring Racers first because that line gets really long.  So when they let us into the park, we speed walked all the way to the back and jumped in line while my mom got fast passes for the ride so we could go on it again later.  That was probably my favorite ride of all.  It was awesome.  I had never been on it but I really loved it.  Emery didn't really like it because it went a little bit fast at the end, but she went on it once with me.  I guess we didn't take very many pictures on the last day, but here they are (all out of order).

 This was the Finding Nemo ride which I had never been on.  I really liked it.  It was long and relaxing.

 While Rob and Sadie and I went on the scary roller coaster, grandma took the kids on the carousal.  This one had all kinds of fish creatures you could ride on.  Emery got a seahorse.

 Riley and Zac got fish.

 Thanks to a tip from a friend, we brought light sticks to use at the park while we were waiting for the water show.  

 We got this mickey mouse shaped bread not knowing it was sourdough.  The kids didn't like it, but I enjoyed it on the trip home and the next day!

If you look closely, Emery is between Rob and me holding our hands and looking terrified.  

Me and Zac and Sadie got to ride in a yellow car the next time.

Here we are in the back row.

Here is grandma with Sadie and Emery.  The rest of them were out there too, but I didn't get a good picture.

Here we are waiting in line to go on California Screamin roller coaster.  It has a loop and goes really fast.  I was surprised Sadie went through with going on this one.  It's pretty scary.  I screamed the whole time!  And held on really tight.  There was an older couple (late 60s probably) in front of us in line and I mentioned to Rob that I hoped they knew what they were getting into.  Then I saw them on the ride right in front of us and he had his hands up the WHOLE time.  I don't know how people do that.  Seriously.  

Here is our picture.  I tried to make my most terrified face, but it came out looking just ridiculous and goofy.  And Scott's pose behind me was great.  (we had gone on this ride the day before while the kids were napping, so we knew where it took our picture.) 

For some reason, Zac was really excited about going on Twoer of Terror.  One where they take you up really high and then drop you back down. So we went on it and at the last part where they bring you all the way back to the top before they drop you back down, Zac yelled "MOMMY!!!"  It was pretty funny.  He says he isn't going on that one ever again...we'll see about that.

Here is the picture.  Again...I'm holding on for dear life.  And Zac looks so scared.  

But we all survived to tell about it...so that's good.

I took a break from the rides and waited in line for about 1 hour and 20 minutes so Emery could meet Elsa and Anna.  It wasn't too bad though because it was good resting my feet and it was air conditioned and there were movies playing to entertain us while we waited.

Finally it was our turn!!  Emery was in heaven and Riley didn't really know what was going on.

Then Surprise!  We got to meet Olaf too.  It was great!

The kids and Rob rode this ride one more time.
Cars land was pretty fun.  

When we went back that night (after a break at the hotel) we discovered the Little Mermaid ride.  We went on that one a few times.  It was awesome and Emery loved it.  

A huge thank you to my parents who came with us to Disneyland.  They were so helpful with the planning, with helping with Riley, and just fun to hang out with.  Our trip definitely wouldn't not have been as good without them.  And also it was so fun having Scott around.  He was a good sport sleeping under a table in the hotel room.  ha ha.  Also, my dad got sick with whatever RIley had and had to miss the last day and a half at the park.  But he felt a little better and saw the water show on the last day.  I already want to go back again!  

Stay tuned to read about our trip to the beach.


lindsy said...

So fun! You guys did a LOT! I may need to start planning a trip!

Laurel and Doug said...

How was the water show? We've never watched it. Your trip looks great! So much fun and so many happy memories. Still can't believe Sadie and Zac went on Tower of Terror.