Saturday, August 13, 2016

A trip to temple square

Over the pioneer day weekend Rob got the Monday after off of work.  I wanted to get out of the house, so we decided to go wander around temple square.  I love going to temple square and it is getting easier to take all the kids.  We of course rode the train there:

 Rob with Riley and Sadie.

 Me with Zac and Emery.  Emery loves riding on the train, but is really nervous the whole time.  She has to have my arm around her because I guess she feels like the train is going to take off at lightening speed and she will fly off of her chair.

Then sometime during the ride, all the kids ended up next to me.  Probably because I pulled out the apples to snack on.

 At the train station I ran into my friend Lisa who I had run with for a few months and she asked if we were going to the parade.  I got really nervous that it was going to be really crowded at temple square because of the pioneer day parade, but it wasn't.  It was such a great day.

 We got into the room with the Christus statue and the kids weren't shy about walking right up to it and hanging out up there for a while.  They had started a little presentation so I made them come sit down but only after Rob snapped a few pictures.  ha ha.

 Feeling the water.  I found some pennies in my purse for them to throw in.  Rob had to hold Riley's leg so she didn't fall in.

 Love these guys!

 I love this fountain.  It's so fun to watch!

 This time we took the kids up to the tenth floor in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  They had never been up there and Sadie was nervous to go close to the window.  

After we wandered for a while, we walked over to the City Creek mall to get some lunch. 
 On the way, we stopped to watch some people feed goldfish crackers to the huge goldfish in the pond.

 The kids played on this little play place while Rob got the food.  Funny story- Emery was staying close to Riley just "taking care of her" and holding her hand and stuff.  Then Riley climbed up on one of those dinosaur structures and Emery came up to her and put her arms up as if she were going to catch her.  So Riley just jumped to her with all her might and completely knocked Emery to the ground.  They were both in tears.  I ran over to give them hugs, but wished I had been recording the whole thing.  Emery was being such a good big sister and Riley was trusting her to catch her.  So cute!

Yummy pizza for lunch!  IT was a great day!


Carrie Selin said...

Looks like a great adventure.

Laurel and Doug said...

Aw... Emery is so sweet with little ones!