Saturday, August 13, 2016

Donut falls hike

 A few weeks ago we decided to take the kids on a hike to donut falls.  I have been wanting to go there for a while with the kids so we figured out where it was and gave it a go.  We also invited Luke and William to come with us because Taylor was out of town.  We left pretty early because we had to be back by 11 or so for a gymnastics party at the park for Sadie.  We were glad Luke was willing to get up that early to come with us!  The kids did great and it was a fun little hike.  Rob and Luke carried the littles a lot of the way, but the other kids walked the whole hike.  It was pretty short to the waterfall.  Emery kept pointing out all the pretty flowers and asked me to take pictures of them.  I couldn't get enough of William!  He was so funny.  He put his hands on his hips and walked like that.  It was so funny.  William started the hike by tripping right at the start and cutting his knee...but that only slowed him down for about 2 seconds!

 Climbing up.  And a pretty flower that Emery found.  

 I couldn't stop taking pictures of William and Riley.  Look at him walking with his hands on his hips!  So Cute!

 It almost looks like they are holding hands.  ha ha.  Brothers.

 Cute Emery.  She is so fun to be in nature with.  She points out every flower, spider web, bug and rock.  I love it.

 At one point Riley was crying so we told William to hold her hand.  That cheered her up for a bit.  And it was adorable!

 More white flowers.

 When we got to the waterfall, I was wondering how we were going to hike up to it.  Lots of water and rocks.  The hard part is that you aren't supposed to wade in the water.  So you have to try to rock hop your way over there.  It was tricky with all of the kids, but we made it.

 Then we saw these cute little chipmunks that were eating peanuts from our trail mix right out of our hands!  It was pretty fun!  I'll post a video at the bottom of this post.

 Family picture!  Thanks Luke!

 We were almost to the end of the hike and William was not wanting Luke to hold his hand or carry him at all.  But he was happy to hold Sadie's hand for a long while.  ha ha.

 So cute!

We made it back to the cars and buckled everyone in.  And this was the face that Riley gave me most of the way home:

She was pretty grumpy.  I can't remember why.  I think she was just tired.  

William walking with his hand on his hips!

William and Riley holding hands.



Taylor Kevan said...

That's so funny that he hiked with his hands on his hips!! Silly William.

Laurel and Doug said...

Okay, this looks do-able. I'll have to plan this hike with my family. :)