Saturday, August 13, 2016


 Every time we drive south on the freeway, we pass the aquarium.  The kids always point it out and say they want to go sometime.  So last week when Rob was out of town, I decided to take the kids myself and check it out.  We were most excited about seeing the penguins.  All of the kids have been very interested in penguins for the past year or so.  I think it is because of the show Octonauts, and planet earth.  We got there and I noticed my phone was very low on battery, so I was able to take a handful of pictures before it died completely. 

 Making friends with some whales.  

 We got to the penguin display right as they were feeding them.  There were some baby penguins there that were really fluffy so that was fun to see.  

 I could have stood there all day watching these penguins swim around and waddle around, but the kids were wanting to move on.  I convinced them to stop by again on our way out though. 

 This snake was dancing up and down the glass.  I thought it was gross, but the kids thought it was cool.  So we watched for a while.  

 Emery and Riley couldn't get enough of that snake.

Zac inside the jaw of something.  Maybe a shark?  I didn't actually read the sign.  

It was an enjoyable trip to the aquarium.  It's hard when you have kids that are 8 and want to spend more time in some places and kids who are 2 who want to just rush through the whole thing.  Ha ha.  I think we did ok.  Next time maybe it will be easier with both Rob and I there. 

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Laurel and Doug said...

Yes! I have the same problem now with Jake having a long attention span and wanting to read plaques and watch videos and try exhibits, and then Charlotte is on the other end of the spectrum just wanting to run, run, run through everything as quickly as possible. It's kind of tough. I just did This it The Place Monument alone with the kids and wished I had waited until Doug could've been there for that exact reason.

I need to make it to the aquarium soon. Maybe in the fall.