Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Back to School

I decided to try a low key back to school dinner this year.  We came up with a family theme for the year (Be the best you can be) and had a fun dinner.  I hit up target and got some cheap glasses and party hats to make it more fun.  The party hats were a bust because they didn't even fit on anyone's head!  They were way too small.  ha ha.

 Our theme for the year.  

 The table. The kids were so excited when they saw it.

 Rob with the kids.

 Me with the kids.

 Riley wore her glasses like this the whole meal.  ha ha.

 On their first day of school.  I sure love these two.  Sadie-3rd grade. Zac-1st grade.

 In line to go into class.  Zac has lots of friends in his class from our ward. 

 On our way home we stopped to try to pet the sheep through the fence.  They were too quick for us though. 

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