Thursday, September 15, 2016


 Emery is such a fun girl.  She has such a big imagination and can play with things like spoons for an hour.  I love to just watch her.  She is also very into glitter, fancy dresses and "beauty shop". (sparkles on her eyes and lip gloss) 

 Here are my two girls helping me make some cookies while the older two are at school.  :)

 Emery and I started these letters last year for preschool every week.  WE got a little behind, but we finally finished the Z last week and put it up on the wall.  Now we need to start again!

My friend passed along some cute dresses that someone had given her.  They are mostly Sadie's size, but when Emery saw them in the back of our van, she wanted to try them all on.  She was in heaven and kept telling me to take pictures of her.  

I'm a little bit worried about her teenage years and the dent it is going to make in my wallet.  I guess my plan of making them pay for their own clothes might help.  He he.

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Carrie Selin said...

Yes, Emery is definitely your glamour girl. And it looks like they help make cookies by testing the flavor, color, and texture of the dough. Ha ha.