Saturday, December 31, 2016

Beginning of December

 William and Riley (with my help) built a tall tower.  When it was done, William said "Look! I build a Christmas!!" 

 Emery and I made this Pikachu out of paper a while ago and for a while, Riley carried it around all day and played with it.  Now she just pretends to be Pikachu by saying "pika pika" all the time.  ha ha

 Grandma Selin sent Riley some new undies in the mail.  They were Frozen undies.  She loves them.  And Emery in the bonnet in the background makes me smile. 

 These three.  They love to play outside even when it is freezing!

 I was cleaning up in the basement and came across this set up.  Three chairs with bean bags and food set up on them for the stuffed animals.

 I made that gather sign.  I love it.  :)  

Rob took all four kids to the dentist for their six month check ups (thanks Rob!) and Riley got this mustache from the quarter machine there.  ha ha

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lindsy said...

I love your gather sign too!