Sunday, December 4, 2016


 Rob and I were able to go on an early tenth anniversary getaway while we left the kids with Luke and Taylor.  (thank you!!)  While we were gone, we had a great time, but we also realized how different and boring our lives would be without our 4 wonderful kids.  We are so grateful to have them and to do our best raising them in this crazy world we live in.  A lot of days I go to bed feeling like I've not done a good job as a mom that day, but these kids brighten my day.  I hope we can do as good of a job that our parents did raising us. 

 Riley- age 2.  She keeps us all laughing with her cute two year old ways.  She knows how to throw a good tantrum, but she also knows how to melt your heart by being sweet.  She loves playing with her brother and sisters and her cousin William.  

 Sadie- age 8.  This girl is so amazing.  She loves to help (when it is her idea) and she loves it when Riley and Emery will let her help them.  She loves to stay up late reading in her bed, she is getting really good at gymnastics, and she is gaining a strong testimony of Christ.  She is constantly telling me about how at school she said a quick prayer for things she has needed help with.  

 Zac- age 6.  He is such a energetic little boy.  He loves to play board games and card games and he loves to make treasure hunts for people.  He is learning how to treat his sisters like princesses (with the occasional picking on them) He tries hard to make the right choices even when his friends are not.

Emery- age 5.  She is still our little sweet and spicy girl.  She has so many creative ideas and has a great belly laugh.  She loves to play with her friends and can't wait to start school like her big brother and sister. 

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