Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ten Year anniversary getaway (a month early)

 This December 28th, we will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.  I can't believe it's been 10 years, but I can't really remember being without Rob.  He is amazing and takes such good care of me and the kids.  He keeps us all laughing and has an amazing talent of teaching the kids how to play new games, life lessons and the gospel.  I love him so.

So we decided to take a couple days to ourselves after we ate our Thanksgiving meal.  The kids stayed with Luke and Taylor while we went to Salt Lake for two nights. Click  here to find out what the kids where up to with their aunt and uncle while we were gone.  Thank you so much Luke and Taylor.  The kids had a great time.

We started Friday morning off by going to the grocery store for breakfast and then heading over to go rock climbing. 

 Here we are in the car enjoying some yummy donuts and bagels.  I mentioned to Rob that it is nice to be able to enjoy our food without kids bickering in the back of the car, but it would get old pretty fast. We missed our kids already.  :)

 We couldn't really take pictures while Rock climbing because I was belaying him and he was belaying me.  So we just climbed up a foot or two for these pictures.  ha ha

 After rock climbing, we rushed over to see Dr. Strange in the movie theater.  We both really enjoyed the movie and then headed over to the food court at the mall to get some Panda Express. 
 WE stopped by the hotel to go in the hot tub and then get dressed for our next activity.  Which was...

 A massage! We both loved the massage, but Rob loved it the most.  It was his first massage and he just couldn't stop talking about how amazing it was.  

After that, Rob had made reservations at the Roof restaurant in Salt Lake city.  As we were driving there, I kept asking what was going on that night because there were tons of people walking along the streets.  Turns out that the temple lights turned on that night.  So temple square was crowded but we didn't mind because we didn't have to make sure our kids weren't getting lost!  ha ha.

 This was our view from the table at the restaurant.  Pretty great. 


 A few selfies with the Christmas lights.  We need to take the kids to see them still.  Maybe this weekend.

The next morning, we did some shopping and then came home and opened our new Christmas tree and the kids piled into the box.

 Pretty cute. I love all these kids!

After Luke and Taylor and William left, we decided to take the kids to the park.  It was such a fun time because we both just really wanted to play with the kids because we missed them.  One of the most fun trips to the park I can remember.

 Riley climbed the spiderweb.  

 Then me and Emery made it to the top!

 Sadie was showing off her muscles.

 And Zac trying to cross these crazy spinning monkey bar things.

 Then we spent a good long time on the swings.  Rob gave underdog after underdog.  It was fun.

Then we took a family selfie.  Thank goodness for Rob's long arms!  We all made it into the picture!

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lindsy said...

What a fun time to get away! Happy Anniversary!