Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dog owners for a week

 While Crys and Alan went on a trip to Japan, we got to watch their dog Ponyo.  The kids were really excited about it and loved having her here.  The first night she was with us, she was pretty nervous and whined a lot looking for Crys and Alan out the window.  The next day, she started following me everywhere I went.  It was pretty funny.  But I was glad that she seemed a little more calm. 

We had beautiful weather while she was with us so we took her for walks and played with her a lot outside in the backyard.  She is really a great dog.  We miss having her here.  The kids were sad when we had to give her back.  Ha ha.  Riley even said to me the other day that she wished we could keep her.  Fortunately, we can still visit her.  :) 

 Riley was always keeping Ponyo company on the carpet.

 But Ponyo didn't like anyone messing with her while she was chewing on her bone.  It was pretty funny.  I had to keep reminding Riley not to bug her while she had her bone.  


 I thought this was cute.  She was all cuddled up with her little squeaking toy.

 These pictures we took before church crack me up.  The kids are "dabbing" which is all the rage these days apparently.

 Ponyo was great about always getting in the picture when I asked her to.  ha ha.

 Selfie time.

 There was this one spot in our backyard that she would smell and then roll around in for like 5 minutes.  Every time we went outside.  It was funny.

 Riley just couldn't get enough of her.  I'm pretty sure Ponyo was ready to go home to some peace and quiet when Crys and Alan got home.

Riley Also loved sitting in Ponyo's bed.  :)

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