Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Day in LA

 My mom and I got together for a day in LA to do some fabric shopping at the fashion district.  We did this before when Emery was a baby so this time we were a little more free to go wherever we wanted.  It was a great day and we found some awesome stuff for CHEAP.  I got some cute swimming suit fabric and we got 4 colors of the sequin fabric that changes color when you run your hand over it.  The kids have already been playing with it.  I love it.  Anyway, here are some pictures of our adventure.
 I get pretty nervous flying on airplanes, especially when I'm alone.  So I decided to keep myself busy taking pictures to show the kids when I got back.  My flight left at 8 am.  We had to do a quick de-icing of the plane which I had never seen done before.  They have these cool vehicles that can lift themselves really high and then they spray the plane with a solution.  It was fun to watch.  ANd the picture above on the left is of a tiny circle rainbow that I saw while we were in the air.  See if you can spot it.

 I landed in LA and found my mom!  We got our bags (that were empty...by the end of the day they were full.) and got our rental car and off we went.

You can't really see it but the mountain in the background has the Hollywood sign on it.  It was pretty cool to see it in the distance.

This was one of the stores I was most excited about...well, actually the one across the street called the Loft was.  That is where I bought most of my fabric.

This is the Loft.  It has boxes and boxes filled to the brim with fabric pieces.  You can dig through them and cut off as much as you want and then you pay by the pound.  I bought 70 pounds of fabric here.  I should have gotten more, but I was worried I needed to stop because it was the second store we stopped at.  Now we know for next time.  Just go crazy at the Loft.  

This was our lunch.  Hot dog wrapped in bacon, topped with mayo and ketchup, peppers and onions and yummy salsa with avocado.  Pretty funny to watch us try to eat these with a fork, but it was delicious.

When we had bought all the fabric we thought we wanted, we wandered over to a place called Santee Alley.  It just has all sorts of clothes, toys, and odds and ends for sale.  We got a few things for cheap.  

Then we headed back to the airport and got some food.  We got a panini sandwich and this yummy pizza.  The pizza was definitely the better of the two.  

Then when I got home, the next day I got to watch Riley's cute friend Marie.  They "helped" me unpack.  :)

Thanks mom for the great day in LA!


Rob said...

You guys make a pretty good shopping team!

Laurel said...

This looks like SO much fun, and I don't even sew! I hope you and your mom go again.