Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bike parade

Every year for Pioneer day our neighborhood does a little bike parade for the kids.  This year Rob was going to lead the bike parade on his bike so none of the kids got lost.  I was going to walk around with Riley and Emery, but Riley started crying on our way there and didn't stop until after we started walking home.  Sigh.  Everyone was asking how they could help.  She was inconsolable.  It was rather frustrating. I was worried that she maybe had an ear infection or something, but the rest of the day (which was spent in the car driving to Oregon) she was completely pleasant and happy.  I don't know what was wrong, but I guess it is something to look back on and laugh at now.  :)

Here are some of our friends.  Their mom also made them some cute patriotic shirts.  

Gathering around to start the parade.

Look at the cute wagon.  That's how I would want to do a bike parade.  :)

Cute neighborhood kids.

If you look closely Rob is getting ready to lead the parade.  I didn't get any great pictures because I was holding a screaming Riley the ENTIRE time.  So these will have to do.  Some days are just like that I guess. 

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