Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pioneer day parade float preview

Every year in Salt Lake they do a big parade for Pioneer day.  We have never been because to me it doesn't sound like a ton of fun to navigate downtown in the crowds with 4 kids in the hot sun.  So we always try to make it to the float preview in Sandy.  They put a lot of the floats in a big room and you can walk around and see them up close.  There is often a marching band marching around playing songs and some of the floats have little activities for the kids to do.  Its a fun time and it beats sitting hours in the sun.  :)

The kids liked this one of the American Flag.  

I thought the animals on this float were really pretty.  Colorful and sparkly...two of my favorite things!

The kids like this peacock.  It's pretty amazing seeing the creativity of the people who make these floats.  

One lady was begging people to take pictures with these jellyfish umbrellas.  Nobody in front of us was taking her up on her I told the kids to run and grab them and I would take their picture.   Zac looks thrilled to be there.  

And of course we always have to find the BYU float.  

Then we found this cool hot air balloon.  

The kids got a few suckers and some taffy.  We had a great time.  I think our favorite part was the marching band.  It was so fun to listen to them and watch them march around.  We had to run out of the way a few times so we didn't get run over.  ha ha. 

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Laurel said...

There wasn't a marching band when we were there! We also didn't get any candy, but I try not to talk to anyone, so maybe that's why... ;)