Sunday, August 13, 2017

Visit from William and Taylor

 A couple weeks before we went to Oregon, Taylor and William came to Utah to see her brother get home from his mission.  While they were in Utah, they drove up to Provo one day so we drove down to see them for a bit.  We visited the Bean Museum and the Creamery for ice cream.  Riley took a minute to warm up to William, but once that happened they were little buddies.  IT was so fun to see them together again. 

 Playing with the ant tunnels.

  Checking out the butterflies and a group picture.  Usually we get one from the other side where the giraffes are, but this time we can just see their behinds.  :)

 Cute group of cousins.

 And the best part...ICE CREAM!  The BYU creamery seriously has the best ice cream. 

 Here is my attempt at getting a good picture of Riley and William together.  I think Taylor got a much better one.  ha ha.  And Zac ate an ant.  Rob always tells us they taste like lemon drops, but Zac said he couldn't taste any lemon.  ha ha

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Laurel said...

Ants taste like lemon drops?! My boys might try one if they heard that. ha! ha!