Thursday, February 22, 2018

Life at Home...for a while at least

 So I got home from the hospital on Jan. 2nd.  Before I left the hospital I remember asking one of my ICU nurses if it was normal to hear dripping noises in my head when I stood up.  She just looked at me with a shocked that worried me a bit.  ha ha.  But the surgeon said it was normal.  So I didn't worry about it.  I just assume everything that happens is normal since I've never had brain surgery before.  :)  Here are some of the things that went on when I got home the first time...

 Sadie was such a big help with Finley.  She still is.  She loves to get her when she wakes up from naps.  And she helps with things even when I know she doesn't want to.  One time she asked me if I needed her to do a certain thing (I don't remember what it was...) but I told her I could do it.  Then she said "Oh good...I didn't really want to do it but I didn't want you to have to do it if you didn't want to."  What a sweetie.

 I got the beans out for the kids to play with and it kept them busy for a whole afternoon.  And there wasn't a huge mess to clean up after either!

 Rob is such a great dad.  These girls just love it when he will carry them around the house.  :)

 One morning Finley was up and my mom was taking care of her.  I wanted to hold her for a bit because she was fed and changed.  (I wasn't supposed to lift her so i just held her on my lap on the couch.)  I noticed she was getting a little fussy so I wrapped her up and she fell right to sleep in my arms.  It was just what my heart needed.  I was feeling so not helpful and felt bad just watching everyone (mostly my mom) running around and doing everything that I usually do.  So to be able to put Finley to sleep made me feel a little better.  And I love the picture on the right.  Finley with a little milk beard. 

 We usually measure the kids every New Years Day, but we couldn't this year since I was in the hospital.  So we did it a few days late, but thats ok!

 Riley keeping me company on the couch.  

 The girls made names for all our little pet shop animals.  They made labels and set them all up in the basement.  It kept them busy for a long time. 

 Uncle Scott came up to Utah to help out.  He played games with the kids.  They love Uncle Scott!

 My dad was in town for a while too. The kids love having him around too!  (they also loved having grandma around...but by this time she had been here for a while...) Finley was going to go for a walk outside so we had to pull out the bear suit.

 Sadie had her braces taken off.  I was able to go with her to that appt.  It took a lot out of me. So when I got home I had to lay down for a while.

 My hair got really matter from laying in a hospital bed for like a week.  My mom came to the rescue and brushed it out for me.  

 Here is the before and after.  I think the day after this I was finally able to wash it!
 Laurel came over and set up a "rainbow day" for us!  The kids loved coming home from school to this fun table!  We may have to make this a tradition!
Thanks Laurel!

 These were taken at the orthodontist.  Finley was so cute just chillin in the chair.  And Sadie got new pictures taken of her teeth.

 Shout out to grandma.  She did SO much while she was here...She put her whole life in AZ on hold for over a month so she could help us out.  We are so grateful for grandma!  Thank you!

 Finley smiling...and going for a short walk to pick up the kids from school. 

 Building cup towers.  Someone brought us a basket filled with minute to win it games.  The kids had a blast playing all the games and then with the cups afterward they built tall cup towers.  It was so fun!

 The kids dressed up as old people for the 100th day of school.

 Then they had crazy hair day.  Sadie's is a cupcake. Zac's is just sprayed white. Emery had a cool pipe cleaner with beads coming out of her ponytail.

 Cute Finley
 We celebrated New Year's Eve late since I wasn't home for it.  We did poppers and had sparkling cider one day after school.  It was fun.

Finley getting a bath in the sink.  I think she liked it!

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