Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It has been downright COLD here in Utah lately.  The temperature would be in the negatives when I woke up, and stay under ten degrees all day long.  So we were inside a lot!  Just walking outside to get the mail chilled me to the bone!  That went on for about a week at least.  It was very cold.  I am so grateful for out furnace!!! 

Then today, I woke up and the temperature was in the high twenties when we left to drive rob to his carpool this morning.  It is amazing what a difference 20 degrees can make!  And it got to thirty something degrees felt like a spring day!  I had just a small sweater on and I could feel the heat of the sun on my face.  It was so nice!!!

Anyway, we had quite the snow storm a couple weeks ago, so i guess I will finally get around to posting pictures about it!  I went outside to shovel the snow and Zac was the only one that stuck it out and stayed outside with me until I was done.  He loves to play in the snow! 

 I am not good at guessing how much snow there is on the ground, but there was a came up to Zac's knees.

 Snow angel.

 This was to show how deep the snow was along our walkway, but it didn't turn out very well.

 Zac was begging to use the shovel...he is a good little shovel-er.

 Trying to wade through the snow in the backyard...I guess the snow was above his knees.  There was a lot of it!

 Then the kids asked ROb to get them an icicle...they like to eat them (which is so gross because they are so dirty!!!  Maybe that is why they are always sick!)  This one was almost as tall as Sadie.  I really love icicles...I am always commenting on them as we drive along and see them.  They are so pretty!

  Rob decided that he was going to break these icicles off the roof because they were pulling part of the roof down with their weight.  So he took the ladder and knocked them down.  He said he won't ever do that again because he saw his life flashing before his eyes.  ha ha.


Carrie Selin said...

When we lived in NY we also had a terribly cold winter! It was really cold! But I remember the same feeling of the warm sun on me and it feeling sooo good even though it was still in the 30's outside.

Shirl and Bill said...

Memories. The icicles on our home were many times from the eaves to the porch big thick ones, sometimes doubles. !!Love the pictures.