Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Emery is just growing up so fast!  She is thirteen months old now and has six teeth!  Check out those top teeth...they all decided to come in at the same time around Thanksgiving time...her outside ones are in farther than her two middle ones, so she looks like a little vampire.  ha ha.  THis is the only picture I have of can tell she is really happy with me.
Her little personality is coming out more and more.  She is kind of a little diva.  She wants things HER way!  ha ha.  She walks all over these days and hardly crawls any more.  She has found the toilet and loves trying to put things into it before I take her away.  Same with the trash can.  One of these days she will throw away my phone or something.  ha ha

Here she is driving the car.  She is a pro!

 She loves to put coins into our bank.  This will keep her busy for fifteen minutes!

 She loves to give me heart attacks while hanging out on the top bunk with her brother and sister.

 She has learned about the flash...ha ha.

 And she has awesome static hair.  That blue couch is full of static especially in the winter...and that is he fake coughing face.  She thinks it is funny.

 Another angle...

Have a great day!


Jonathan and Marissa said...

whoa! Love the static hair! She is growing up so fast! All your kids are so cute!

Carrie Selin said...

Let's see - she can be an orthodontist (after getting her choppers lined up right), or a race car driver, or a banker, or a stunt woman, or a model - well anything she wants. She's just "charged" with energy and personality. Gotta love her!

Shirl and Bill said...

Emery,, as you say, just growing up so fast! Cute pictures