Sunday, January 13, 2013

Things that made me laugh this weekend

We had a lot of fun this weekend.  Yesterday we went to the mall for some new shoes for Rob...his were literally falling apart.  So the kids got to play on the playplace thing for a while which they love.  Then after naps we went swimming at the indoor pool.  It was tons of fun and the kids of course had a blast.

The funny thing is in the car I play these old Radio AAHS cds from when I was little.  They have cute songs on them for the kids.  One of my favorites is from the tv show Animaniacs called the "Hello song"  The kids always want me to play that song over and over and over again whenever we go anywhere.  Sadie is almost always belting out the songs at the top of her lungs, but during this song, Zac joins right in.  Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera when he was really belting it out, so this is the less enthusiastic version.  ha ha.  I love how big his mouth gets at the end.  So funny.

And this second video is tonight at dinner....well, it was after dinner.  Zac was taking forever to finish his scones, so we left him at the table to finish by himself.  About 15 minutes later, I looked out there and this is what I saw...

So funny.  I love the part where he looks right at me and he can't keep his eyes open.  ha ha.  And I love how in the background, you can hear ROb singing.  Yeah...that is constantly going on in the background at our house.  It is funny.  He is always making some kind of noise.  I love him.  :)

And here are a few pictures I snapped after we got out at the pool.  

 Cute kids trying to keep warm in their towels.

 Daddy and Emery.

It was a great weekend!

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Shirl and Bill said...

How cute is that! As all I could thinkto say about swimming was brrrrrrr