Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stuck inside...

 We have been stuck inside the past few weeks.  It has snowed so much here!  I actually like the is so pretty...but I don't like driving in it.  Not that I ever really have the car to drive in the snow, but still.  I like taking the kids outside to play in it...but that only lasts 20 minutes on a good day.  ha ha.  So we have been staying inside.  Here are some of the things we have been up to.

 We love to make our own playdoh and play with it for a loooong time!  Zac especially loves playdoh. He will work on making me a cake with candles for a long time.

 Emery loves to just wander through the house and she always finds random articles of clothing to carry around with her.  They are usually a pair of Zac's pj pants or undies....this particular day it was both.  :)  

 We eat is Sadie feeding Emery part of her banana.

 Then one day I realized that there was stuff inside the couch.  Sadie had been banging her feet underneath the couch and I could hear stuff rattling in there.  So we decided to move the couch out and get the stuff out.  There is a nice big hole in the back of our couch which is how all of the stuff got in there.  

 Ummm...this is embarrassing!  ha ha.  Look at all of that junk behind/under the couch.  Yeah...i cleaned that up too.

 My arm was too big to reach into the hole in the back of the couch, so I had Sadie do it and this is all of the stuff that she got out of it.  ha ha.  Actually the dvd player remote was in there too.  I was wondering who it was that put all the stuff in the hole, but while Sadie and I were cleaning it out, Zac ran over and stuck two little bouncy balls in the hole!!  I think we figured out who it was.  :)

 Emery eating broccoli for a snack.  Well, mostly just sucking on it I guess.

 Rob taught the kids how to play the guitar hero game on the wii...Sadie is pretty good at it.  She knows how to keep a beat!  They have only played it once since then.  But doesn't Zac look super adorable with the guitar on??!

 At a friend's house, the kids climbed into their closet.  ha ha.  So funny.

And more friends!  Jake and Andrew came over to play and ate lunch with us!  And this is a great picture of all of them!  That rarely happens!

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Shirl and Bill said...

I love all the pictures. The kids are always so happy and cute....