Monday, September 23, 2013

Frozen Yogurt

 We have a frozen yogurt place near us that the kids (and I) LOVE.  They get to put whatever toppings the want on their choice of frozen yogurt.  We usually all get our own except for Emery.  She wanders from cup to cup and we all share bites with her.  This time Zac was such a good sport and kept giving bites to Emery.

 Then he would look away for a second and she would steal a bite...

 Just using her fingers of course.  And Zac had no clue.  ha ha.  

 Then when he turned back around she would wait for him to give her another bite.  Ha ha.  Sneaky sneaky.

And here is sweet little Sadie. She always chooses the most interesting combinations of frozen yogurt.  Cinnamon yogurt with fruit and gummy worms and nerds and candy bars...and she always finishes all of it.  :)

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Business Blog said...

That is the place where Taylor and I went on our first date!!! I'm glad you guys love it too!