Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Thanksgiving Point pictures and the park

 We love our Thanksgiving Point passes!  We met up with our friends at the gardens one evening.  It is always so much fun to hang out with these guys!

 And we have the cutest kids ever!

 Sadie and Zac taking a break on the spiderweb to pose for a picture.  They really are good friends these days.  Zac really misses her while she is at school.


One day after school I packed up a few snacks and we stopped and played at the park before we had to pick Rob up from work.  It was fun...we hadn't been there in a while.  It was a perfect little break between school and picking daddy up.  Usually we just go home, sit around for a tiny bit and then leave to pick him up.  I think I will do this more often.

 The kids discovered they can climb fences.  Oh boy...

 Emery discovered she loves the tire swing.  She hates other swings...well she likes them a lot, until you try to push her.  Then she hates it.  ha ha.  But with the tire swing she loves going around and around.  It was hard to get her to come off!

 Last Friday we were supposed to go camping, but the weather did not cooperate.  So we ended up going to the Dinosaur museum instead.  Rob had a blast!  :)

And Sadie requested we take this picture.  ha ha.  It is always really hard to get younger kids to look at the camera because they are just memorized by the huge shark behind them! 


Kevin_Amold said...

Why is that kid wearing a Colombia jersey?

Shirl and Bill said...

Don't know where I've been to miss all these neat pictures. Your family is so adorable. Look at those cute faces. I also like the new picture on the blog....