Sunday, September 1, 2013

August...busy month for us

 August was a busy month for us.  A good busy though.  We had Crys and Alan living with us for about 2 and a half weeks which we loved!  The kids loved the extra attention and they were always helping out with dinner and kids and cleaning and everything.  And it was just fun to hang out with them in the evenings sometimes. 

 They took us out to Red yummy!  Thanks guys!

Then the evening that they packed up and moved back into their own place, my parents and younger brother came into town.  My oldest brother Scott was getting married that weekend, so over the next few days my whole family including my grandma came and stayed with us at our house.  It is so fun to have visitors!  A lot of people around here have tons of family around, so it was fun to have our own family here for a few days.  We loved it.  

Here is great grandma giving the kids all sorts of fun things she brought.  
 This is on our way to the wedding.  Scott and Stephanie were married in the Logan temple so we had about a two hour drive to the temple.  Isaac and Emery took advantage of the drive there and slept for a while.  Zac and Sadie also took advantage of the fact that Isaac was sleeping.  I looked back to see Zac touching his hair a few times and then looking at Sadie and giggling.  ha ha.
 Logan temple.  So pretty.

 Grandma with the grandkids.  Zac was obviously very tired.

 Grandma and Daisy.  She is so cute!  I was just loving watching her roll all over the place.  

 And then Emery photo bombed Scott and Stephanie coming out of the temple.  Ha ha.  Ooops.  Sorry if she is in all of your pictures!


 And of course we had to decorate Scott's car!  We used Oreos and markers for the windows.  Then it rained that evening and scott said the oreos smeared all over the car.  Nice.

 Grandpa and Daisy.  So adorable!

And here is grandma and grandpa with all the grandkids.  This is actually a great picture of them.  I love it!

Everyone left pretty soon after the wedding, but my mom is sticking around to see Sadie's first day of school. (Which is on Wednesday!!!)  We have had a great time with family and are sad that most of them are gone home now.  Sadie and Zac really miss their cousins!  Come back anytime!!!

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