Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sandy Waterfall

 While my mom was here we needed something to do, so we decided to go hike to the "Sandy waterfall".  I had heard of this waterfall from a friend but hadn't gone yet.  So we packed up the kids and off we went.  Despite it taking us about an hour to get there (we went the wrong way a few shold only take baout 20 minutes next time we go.) we had a great time.  We weren't sure how long of a hike it was so we brought lots of water and snacks. 

 The kids were happy to get out of the car after the long ride there.  

 Checking out the map to see how long the hike is.

 I brought my baby carrier to see if Emery would ride in it so I didn't have to just hold her in my arms.  We started out like this, but I think it was more comfortable for both of us when she was on my back.  The trail starts right in between two houses.  Kind of strange.

 This is the first little cave we found. Cool!

 This cave was right by the waterfall.  We could actually walk into this one.  The kids loved it.

 We made it to the waterfall...which only took us about ten minutes of walking.  If that.  It was a nice short hike.  But there weren't really any spots to sit down and the rocks were hard for Emery and Zac to walk on.  It was kind of stressful trying to prevent falls and injuries.  ha ha.

 Finally they sat still for a little while...

 Beautiful Sadie and the waterfall.

 Then grandma decided to climb higher to get a better view of the waterfall.

 Then of course the kids wanted to go up too.  Grandma did a great job helping them get up there.  But while she was helping Zac climb up, Sadie got stung by a bee.  If you look close in this picture she is smiling through her tears because I told her we needed a picture.  ha ha

 We found a spot that was more flat and sat down to have a snack.

Sadie got stung right in between her middle and ring finger.  Ouch!  But she was a trooper and after a few minutes told me "It doesn't even hurt anymore!"

Then we hiked back out to the car and went home for some lunch.  This will definitely be a hike that we do again!

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