Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Flu

 Sadie got sick a couple Sundays ago with a fever and it lasted six days.  Nothing but a fever.  A really high one.  Like 104 when she wasn't on ibuprofin.  She felt miserable and looked like this until Friday of that week.

 It was pretty sad.  I washed my hands after every nose wipe and made the kids use hand sanitizer ever hour so they wouldn't get sick too.  Poor Sadie missed and ENTIRE week of school. But she obviously needed the rest.  After five days of a pretty high fever I decided to schedule a doctor's appointment.  So I called Thursday evening and set something up for the morning.  Of course, when she woke up she had no fever.  ha ha  But I took her in anyway and it was a good thing because she had two ear infections and a sinus infection.  So the doctor gave us a prescription and she was feeling better that afternoon.  

Neither of the other kids had gotten sick yet so I was feeling pretty good about keeping them healthy.  Then on Saturday we got our flu shots.  The whole family.  Zac had an allergic reaction and his whole thigh swelled up.  Then on Sunday he wasn't feeling well.  WE thought it was just a reaction from the shot, but Emery started feeling sick the next day.  Sigh.  So it has been two weeks of flu over here.  And this week was so much harder than last week because with Sadie she would just lay on the couch and sleep, but with Emery and Zac they are always calling out "mommy...I neeeeeeed you".  I was ok with it for the first three days, but after a while it gets hard to keep up with.  :)  I can't wait till these guys are feeling better.  And I made and appointment for Zac and Emery for tomorrow morning.   So they probably will wake up without a fever.  :)

 They live in their pajamas when they are sick.

Today around lunch time Zac was complaining that his eyes were hurting.  Then he started crying and wouldn't stop rubbing them for about 30 minutes.  I tried to look at them but he would just scream if he had to open them.  He requested pancakes for lunch, so that is what I made.  So it was pretty funny when I brought him to the table and he tried to eat without opening his eyes.  Poor kid.


lindsy said...

oh man! that is the worst. :(

Carrie Selin said...

Well at least your kids are building up lots of great antibodies with all their little illnesses. Hope the kids feel better soon.

Laurel said...

That video is classic! I love that it doesn't bother Zac that his sisters are laughing at him. And that he doesn't give up using the fork. ;)

Shirl and Bill said...

That is hilarious. Hope he is feeling better