Monday, November 4, 2013

Sweet Sadie

 My sweet Sadie is five years old and in Kindergarten.  I still can't really believe I have a kid in school!  She is just growing up.  One of her favorite things to do is take care of the other kids.  Whenever one of them is sad or gets hurt, she is the first to get a bandaid or get their favorite blanket.  She loves to get snuggles from the other kids when they will give them.  :) 

 This day she got three plates out by herself and got a snack for herself and the other kids without any help.

 And she was very proud of herself. 

Sadie loves school.  She is home sick today and really sad about it.  She loves to learn and do projects.  I never want her to stop loving learning!    

 Here she is running out after school.  

 The after school hug.  So sweet.  Zac always runs up and gives her a hug when she gets out of school.  He sure misses her while she is gone. Glad I captured this on camera.

 She comes up with the funnest ideas.  She made this face out of pom poms all by herself.  And this was on crazy hair she had about 5 ponytails with crazy bows.  So fun.

 She loves to help Zac ride his bike...she is like his little engine.

Emery wanted to help too.  Zac was in heaven.  :)

We love our Sadie!

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