Monday, November 4, 2013


 We had a great Halloween this year.  Zac was pretty insistent that he didn't want to dress up for Halloween, he just wanted to be Zachary...but we finally had him talked into being a soccer player.  Then the day before he decided he would be a dragon because he found his old costume (from two years you can tell by looking at it.  ha ha)  I was happy with it.  Sadie was Violet from the Incredibles movie and Emery was Minnie mouse ballerina.  I made Sadie's costume, including the adorable black undies on the outside of her pants, but the others we had on hand which was very nice.  :)

We went to a little Halloween activity at the farm in Thanksgiving point.  The kids love going to the farm!  And we thought it would be crowded, but thanks to some very cold windy weather, it was empty!  We had a great time and spent most of our time there inside. 

Warning:  Picture overload!

 Here is Emery standing next to a very pregnant looking goat.  But the goat is not pregnant we were informed by a worker, she is just stretched out from having like 3 babies in the spring.  

 The kids got to make this green slime stuff in "Franketstein's lab".  That went right in the garbage when we left because it was leaking through the ziplock bags they gave us.  

 This was a cool witch decoration.  Sadie was doing her best impression of her.  Pretty good.!

 It took some coaxing, but we finally got Zac to get his face painted.

 A cute little bat.  That night we scrubbed it off in the tub.  Then the next day randomly in the car he started crying about how he was mad at Sadie fro scrubbing the bat off of his face.  Silly boy.

 Zac with a bat, Sadie with a butterfly, and I think Emery had a little heart.

 Pumpkin carving.  Sadie was the only one out of the kids to get her hands in there and take the seeds out.  Zac used a spoon and got one seed out at a time.  ha ha.  


 Enjoying donuts at our ward party.  Notice how Zac's costume is practically at his knees.  I told was from two years ago.  :)

 And I still can't get over the tail.  ha ha.  So cute!

 On their way to go trick or treating.

 Thumbs up.  Emery almost has it...

 Uncle Luke and Aunt Taylor came over and ate dinner with us and went trick or treating with the kids and Rob.  It is always fun to have aunts and uncles around.  The kids love them!  Notice Emery snuggling with Luke?  He put her down for bed that night.  Then the next day when I was putting her down for a nap, she said "I want Uncle Luke!"  ha ha.  

 The kids posing by their pumpkins.  So cute.

 Costumes.  Love all the kids expressions on this one.

 Sadie also got to dress up for school that day.  She loved showing off her costume and face paint.

 Action shot.

And another...I think she would be pretty good at this whole super hero thing!

The end.


Carrie Selin said...

Cute post. Were those the pumpkins you grew? Nice. Also I have heard using a flat canning lid is great for scraping out the pumpkins. I know, a little late for this year. But a great idea to try next year. Let me know how it works - we don't carve pumpkins too much anymore.

Shirl and Bill said...

I'm telling you those pictures are priceless.