Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 This was way back when Sadie had the flu, but it snowed one morning and Zac was so excited!  He insisted that it was Christmas because there was snow.  I tried to explain to him when Christmas was but I gave up after he kept telling me I was wrong.  :)  The whole morning (from about 7 am on...) Zac was telling me to get his snow suit out so he could go play in the snow.  So I finally gave in and at about 8:00 they were in their snow suits and ready to play. 

 See how little snow there was?  ha ha  I think he will be in heaven when the real snow gets here!  He has always been the only kid that will stay outside for a long time playing in the snow.  Like an hour.  He will just throw the snow at the wall over and over.  It is pretty cute.

 Emery had fun too...I guess she probably doesn't really remember snow very much.  So she had fun...

 Until her hands got cold.  Then we went inside and found some gloves and she lasted a little bit longer.

 Her and Zac are such good buddies these days.

 This was after playing in the snow.  Cute red cheeks and nose!  And check out Zac cleaning the windows in the background.  Nice huh?!

I love these guys!

Poor Sadie wanted to go outside and play too...so I got out her snow suit and she went outside for about 5 minutes.  She was NOT feeling well.  Next time hopefully all the kids are healthy so we can play in the snow together!

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