Sunday, April 13, 2014

Conference Weekend

 Conference weekend began like this:

 Zac sick on the couch...again.

 Sadie wasn't feeling too hot either.  They both rested a lot on Saturday, and by Sunday, Sadie was feeling better.  Zac was not.  I took him into the urgent care and they prescribed a steroid to help open his airways and stuff.  His oxygen was at 90 and they would have made us take him to the hospital if it was at 88 or lower, so I was glad that it was 90!

 Emery was her normal happy self though.  She wanted me to take lots of pictures of her funny faces...

 Ha ha.  Silly goose.  And notice that necklace (she calls it an "ecklace")?  She has been wearing that pretty much nonstop since we got it in the mail from grandma a week or so ago.  It broke (because she was cutting it with scissors...who knows why...) and that was devastating, so I picked up all the beads and put it back together for her.  ha ha

 The kids stacked the couch cushions on top of the recliner and enjoyed a talk or two from up there.

I saved the "good stuff" for the sunday sessions.  Zac lasted all of 5 minutes before he went to lay down on the couch again.  Sadie loved all of the paper activities and they kept her busy almost the entire four hours on Sunday!  We love conference!  Can't wait to re-listen to all of the talks so I can actually hear them.  :)

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