Sunday, April 13, 2014


We got some dirt to add to our garden plot this year.  We had a dump truck come deliver it for us so we didn't have to rent or find our own truck.  So the truck came (right on time I might add!!) and the kids (and I) were excited to watch it dump all the dirt out on the cement.  It was pretty cool.  Emery didn't like how loud it was, so she went inside.  Then it rained the whole day on our wonderful pile of dirt.  ha ha.  It even hailed a little bit. I ran out and put a tarp over half of the pile so it didn't just turn into a huge pile of mud.

In the next two or three days we were able to borrow a wheelbarrow (ours is in Springville at the duplex...) and move all the dirt to where it was supposed to go.  We finished on Saturday and on Sunday it was rainy and snowed.  Perfect timing.  :)

Now the kids love to play in the dirt with their cheep shovels I got them at Target every time we go outside.  unfortunately, once we plant the garden, they won't be able to do that as much anymore.  But for now, they are loving it!

The truck go there and started to dump the dirt.  That was pretty fun to watch...until it made a huge loud noise to help the dirt come out of the truck.  It vibrated or something to help get all the dirt out.  Then, when we thought all the dirt was out, the truck driver pulled forward a few feet and then reversed really fast and slammed on the breaks to guarantee that every last bit of dirt came out.  It was an interesting maneuver, but it worked!

The kids helping.

They did pretty well...for about 5 minutes...then they were ready to just run and play in it.  :)


Load #1 out of about 100!  Rob was amazing and wheeled it back and forth from the garden to the dirt pile without complaining.  In fact, I think he loved it!  He had a big smile on most of the time.

I decided to help with the shoveling.  I filled that thing about 20 times, and let Rob carry it over to the garden.  Rob was very patient with me...I'm sure he could have filled it much faster than me, but he let me help.  

Yard work is fun sometimes!  We are so excited about our garden this year...hopefully, our excitement continues throughout the whole summer!  :)

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