Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 Hooray!  We celebrated Easter on Sunday.  We actually started on the previous Monday by having a good FHE about Christ and the resurrection and why we actually celebrate Easter.  It was good.  It is so fun to see Sadie beginning to understand these things that we are teaching her.  She asks great questions and remembers the things we teach her.  It is pretty rewarding.  The other kids...well, they were there too.  ha ha.  I'm sure in a few years they will be as excited about learning as Sadie is.

Then on Sunday my dad was in town so he got to see the Easter egg hunt.  We were outside bright and early and the kids gathered all the eggs that the Easter bunny brought them.  So cute to watch!

 Here we go!

 Action shot.

 Sadie is so good about leaving eggs for the other kids to find.  She could have taken pretty much all of them, but she showed the other kids where they were or just left them to be found.  

 Rob informed the kids that there was just one egg left to find.  They couldn't find it so Grandpa helped them out a bit.  They thought it was funny.

 Counting their eggs.

After the egg hunt, it was time to take my dad back to the airport to fly back to AZ.  Then of course we had church and after church some of Rob's family came over for dinner.

 Thats when we had a little egg bash.

 Emery loved carrying her eggs around...she really didn't like it when they cracked though.  ha ha

 Sadie with her eggs...

 Zac with his eggs.

 Action shot.

 Sadie's second egg cracked.  She was a pretty good sport about it.  

 Zac and Emery had a hard time making contact with their eggs, but finally I think Zac won this match.

And Duncan was the champion...with the egg that I decorated.  So basically, I won.  ha ha  just kidding.  Good egg rolling Duncan!

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