Monday, June 30, 2014

Sadie lost a tooth!

 Sadie has had a loose tooth for about a month or so.  She would show or tell anyone and everyone about it.  It was pretty cute.  She kept wiggling and wiggling that tooth until it was really loose.  So I made sure to take a picture of her with all of her teeth before it fell out:

 What a cutie!

 Then began the efforts to pull it out.  She would try to pull it out with a kleenex, and then she recruited Rob to give it a go.

 He tried, but it didn't come out.

Then a few days later we tried the old dental floss method and Rob pulled that sucker right out!  She was so excited!

The tooth fairy came and visited her that night (she almost forgot!!) and Sadie was so excited.  She told us that she had weird dreams that night and she thinks it was because the tooth fairy spilled some of her special dust on her when she was taking her tooth.  I think she looks pretty cute with a little hole in her mouth!  :)

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