Monday, June 2, 2014

Garden Park

There is a park nearby called Garden Park.  It doesn't have a play place or anything.  It is dedicated to teaching you how to conserve water and grow plants and stuff.  It is pretty neat.  I took the kids there the other day so we could look at the cool plants growing there right now.

I love these purple flowers.  My neighbor has them and they just look so fun in her yard. They look like giant purple dandelions. 

Every time there is a bench or something to sit on, Sadie tells me to take a picture.  :)

We are looking for plants to put in our flower beds in front of our house.  I like this one, but I don't know what it is called.  Anyone?

There is a sand box which the kids love to play in.  Shovels and sand.  It kept them happy for a good long time.

Sadie planted some kind of pretend flowers.

There were some little houses for the kids to crawl through. There were about 7 in a row.  And Emery crawled through every one of them.  

I also love this tree but don't know what it is called...anyone??  :)

Ladybug seats.

This is what the kids did most of the time we were there.  Looked for potato bugs or "rollie pollies".  ha ha. And there were TONS of them crawling all over the place.  They would pretty much stop at every single one they saw and touch it so it would roll into a ball and then pick it up and carry it around until they found the next one.   It was pretty funny.

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