Thursday, September 17, 2015

First day of school 2015

 This post is a few weeks late...but better late than never right?!

This year I have TWO kids in school.  Zac is in half day kindergarten and Sadie is in 2nd grade.  Sadie started school about a week before Zac did.  Poor Sadie had to stay home from school with a fever of 103.4 on the second day of school.  Weirdest lasted the whole day but the next day she woke up feeling normal and back to her old self. 

 Zac on his first day!

 Sadie was so helpful...she showed him where to go and was just so sweet.

 All the kids...a little blurry, but they are all so cute!

 For the first week, we would park at the church down the street and walk the rest of the way.  Sadie held Zac's hand on the first day.  So sweet.

 Zac and his good friend Austin.  There are a lot of kids from Zac's primary class in his kindergarten class.  It's pretty fun.

 Here is Sadie on her first day.  She is growing up!

 Big second grader!

This was Sadie all day the next day....glad she got better quick!  She was so sad to miss her second day of school.

Here's to a great year!

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