Friday, September 4, 2015

Outside fun

 We have had lots of outside time this summer.  The kiddie pool and slip and slide were well used.  We might have to buy a new one next year...the pool has a small crack and the slip and slide leaks a little.  But they have last two years so far so they have served us well! 

 Nothing like popsicles in the pool.  

 And hanging out in our swimming suits all day.  Sadie is so good with Riley.  She loves to help her play the piano.  :)

 And while the kids loved slipping and sliding on this thing, they also loved using it as a communal drinking fountain!

 Sadie...while we were waiting for some friends to meet us at the splash pad.

 Zac- who I still can't believe is in kindergarten.  He loves it.

 And Emery. 
 When we got out to play in the splash pad, the kids just wanted to climb on the fence.  ha ha  IT was pretty windy and chilly. 

Then we had a picnic with friends.  

I'm kinda sad that summer is over and we have to have a schedule now with the kids being in school.  But it is good for them.  We will always have next summer!

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