Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cecret Lake

 We hiked Cecret lake while my mom was in town.  We had done this hike with the kids a couple years ago with some friends and that experience left a bad taste in our mouths.  We thought it was a lake you just drove up to with not hike involved.  Then we read a sign that said it was about a .25 mile hike (or so we thought).  Rob carried his guitar the whole time, I carried a lunchbox with cookies in it and I wasn't even wearing tennis shoes.  Anyway, it ended up being at least a mile long hike with pretty steep switchbacks at the top.  Ha ha.  I'm sure we looked ridiculous.  So ever since then we didn't like Cecret lake. 

We decided to give it another try though.  We thought maybe if our expectations were set at the right level it would be better.  And it was so much better!  It is a great little hike as long as you know it is an actual hike.   ha ha. 

 There were pretty wildflowers everywhere.  

 Family picture near the beginning of the hike.

 Riley got to ride in the front pack.  I think we need to invest in an actual hiking baby backpack someday.  :)

 The hike is pretty much at the top of the canyon.  So it was really pretty. 

 The kids loved finding big rocks to stand on for pictures.  

 We finally got to the lake and found a little spot to sit and throw rocks in.  Riley was just wanting to get in the water the whole time.

 Family picture at the top.

 This was Riley at the end of the hike.  Ha ha.  All that carrying must have worn her out!  :)

All of the pictures above I took with my phone.  I gave Sadie the other camera to take whatever pictures she wanted to.  I love seeing what she thought was photo worthy.  She got some awesome pictures too. 

 This was one of the first pictures she took.  A squirrel hanging from the chain.

 Mommy and Emery.

 There were a few signs along the way that we stopped to read or look at the pictures.  

 Grandma actually took this picture.  

 The lake

 A cool hole in a rock.

 I think my mom actually took this picture too...but this girl was rock climbing near the top of our hike.  It was fun to watch for a bit.

 Sadie really liked this tree trunk.

Pretty flower

Pretty Emery

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