Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trip to Disneyland- Day 2

 The above picture is pretty blurry, but this was us getting ready to head to Disneyland for the first time!!  We were all pretty excited.  

 Rob and I tried on the Minnie mouse ears too!  

 There was lots of waiting in the mornings.  We had to get to the line with our tickets 30 minutes early, and then we got to go wait on main street for 30 minutes until the park opened.  But that was pretty much the most waiting we did the whole trip.  

 Grandma is a Disneyland she led the way a lot of the time.

 The kids waiting in the crowds of people.  See the castle way in the back?

 The very first ride we went on was Alice in Wonderland.  Emery loved it and so did Riley.

 Next we did tea cups.  That was a hit!  Scott and Zac got their tea cup spinning pretty fast!
 The next ride we went on was space mountain which was changed a little from what I remember it being.  It's more star wars themed. This was Emery waiting in line.  She told me she wanted to go on it, but the dark tunnels were scary for her. She hated the ride.  Sadie loved this ride though.

 Star tours was a big hit.  It was Zac's favorite one.  I think we went on it 4 times.  He loved it!

 Waiting in line.

 I sat this ride scares me.  ha ha.  But Sadie and Zac went with Uncle Scott.

 Riley rode with grandpa.  Emery was still a little bit traumatized from the space mountain ride.

 So we wandered around and found this cool Minnie mouse statue.

 Sitting break.

 I don't remember what all these rides are...pretty sure the above two are big thunder mountain.  And that was Zac's other favorite rides. 

 Splash mountain pictures.  The one on the left is funny.  Emery was terrified in the back...and zac's face makes me smile.  Then the one on the right was just me and my mom and brother.  I like my mom's yawning pose.


Rob took the littles back to the hotel and Sadie and Zac stayed and we went on more rides.  They kept up with us and didn't complain (much).  It was fun.

 Tea cups.

 Grandma helping keep track of kids.  We never lost any of them!
 It's a small world.  

 This was our hotel.  It was great!  The kids loved the fake snow and icicles.

 This was actually the night before we went into Disneyland.  Scott was missing from the picture, but a nice lady that worked at Disneyland took it for us.

 Cute Emery and Grandma.

 Uncle Scott and Grandma.
 Emery cried all through the Buzz Lightyear.  Everything was just way too loud for her.  

 Riley loved it though.
 Waiting in line for It's a Small World.

 Scott was there too!

 Scott and Grandpa were in front...

 Emery, Me, Riley and Rob took the next row...

And Grandma, Sadie and Zac held up the rear.  Emery really liked this ride.  

 Family pic in front of the flower Mickey Mouse.

Emery waiting in line for the Jungle Cruise. 

By about 6:30 we were really tired so we took the kids home and ate dinner and headed to the hotel to watch tv and go to bed.  My parents and Scott stayed at the park until it closed I think.  It was a great day and I think we walked around 10 miles.  Next 2 at Disneyland!

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Laurel and Doug said...

I think it was genius to start at Alice and Wonderland! That line gets so long. Someone told me to start with Peter Pan, but that line is crazy long right off the bat. We'll try Alice first next time. (I hate the rocket ship ride too... and teacups and any other spinning rides...) Great Splash Mountain pictures! I can't believe Emery went on Space Mountain! Jake went on it once and wouldn't go again (same with Matterhorn Bobsleds). Andrew did it twice, but said it made his stomach feel funny (queasy).