Tuesday, April 4, 2017

March Catch up

I'm getting behind on my blogging again!  I don't like to be so behind!  So I'm going to try to do a quick catch up.  Here are some happenings from March.

The girls (and our friend Marie) found the Minnie mouse ears and wore them around all morning.  

Rob made this pretty cake for my 31st birthday.  I'm pretty lucky to have Rob.  :)

Zac is blurry, but this is like the only picture from my birthday with anyone in it.  ha ha

Riley pulled her pants up  like this and I thought it was hilarious.  

We had the ladder in the living room for a few days after I FINALLY dusted the ceiling fan.  It was so dusty.  But the kids really liked climbing on it while it was there.  :)

These two spent a lot of time outside while the weather was nice.  It has since gotten pretty chilly again, but it was nice while it lasted.  THey requested this picture of both of them holding on with only one arm.  

Emery really enjoyed her grilled cheese with tomato soup.

Sadie is learning new tricks like climbing up the walls.  This time she showed me this new trick and Riley gave her a hug from behind.  Ha ha.

WE took our friends out for a treat on Maggie's birthday.  Yum.

Here are the kids when they had hat day at school.  Zac's makes me laugh.  He made it the day before in class and we rigged it so it wouldn't fall over.  ha ha.

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