Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring break-part 2

 Our fourth day of spring break brought us to the Bean Museum.  Just as we were walking up to the building two school buses pulled up.  I rushed the kids in and we took the above picture before anyone else got in.  Phew.  Turns friend Laurel and her son Andrew were on one of the buses.  Random.  But we didn't bump into each other, but it would have been fun to run into them. 

 The butterflies are always a must see.  They really are amazing and beautiful.  

 And the beetles are really gross.  Ha ha.  

 After we explored the Bean Museum, we walked down to BYU campus.  The kids ran in the grass and I loved looking at the pretty trees.

 We tried to get a selfie with the Y in it, but I'm not an expert selfie the Y didn't make it into the picture.  Ha ha.  But the one of the kids is pretty cute.  A random man walked past as I was taking this and said "that's gonna be a good picture!"  :)

 Then we ran into Cosmo in the bookstore!  Ha ha.  The kids each got a new BYU shirt (thanks to a sale! only 5 dollars each!) and then we headed back to the car. 

 When Ben and Lindsy came with their kids, they got some Krispie Creme donuts.  On the box there was a coupon for buying one dozen and getting one dozen glazed for free.  I totally used that coupon and we got some yummy donuts.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to see them making any donuts, but we still got some hats!

 When we got home, Riley crashed on the blue recliner.  

 The next day, we went to the park in the morning and then we had to drop a friend off at work.  So while we were out doing that, we stopped and got some yummy ice cream.  Riley's fell on the floor, but I just scooped it up and put it in a bowl .  Good as new!  ha ha.  

 That morning at the park Emery asked me to give her an underdog on the swing.  I guess I did it a little bit too vigorously because when I looked back she was only hanging on with her hands on the chains.  She let go right when the swing was all the way back and she landed flat on her face and stomach.  This is a picture of her battle wounds.  My bad. 

 All the kids wore their new BYU shirts today. Cute little BYU fans!

Rob went on a campout with the Young Men in the ward on Thursday night so we had a movie night and watched Pete's Dragon and went to bed late.  :)  Then the next day (the day before Easter!) we finally colored our eggs.  It was fun and it's getting easier now that the kids are older and can pretty much do it themselves. 

 WE had some very colorful eggs.

 Emery got pretty into it and was the last one to be done.

 We all ended with our fingertips dyed lots of different colors.

We ended the week with a broken dryer.  I hung the clothes up and the dried really fast in the sun.  I though, "this isn't bad!  I can do this!"  Then for the next 2 weeks it rained!  So we finally got our dryer fixed.  

Spring break was a success I would say!

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Laurel said...

That must have been one crazy underdog, Lindsey!