Thursday, April 13, 2017

Visit from Cousins!

 We love when family comes to visit!  We wish we lived closer to cousins.  The kids have so much fun playing together when we get together.  Rob's brother Ben and his wife Lindsy came to visit over their spring break.  Unfortunately, our spring breaks didn't match up so we couldn't go on all of their adventures with them, but it was still fun to have them around for a few days. 

 Brent and Riley in their jammies.  They are about one year apart. 

 I think this was while we were reading scriptures one night.  These boys were so good for Zac.  He LOVED having them around.  And they even taught him how to play Pokemon.  (the card game)  Thanks Matt and Wyatt!

 Sadie and Hallie reading scriptures.

 Riley and Brent snuck outside with their jammies on and swung on the swings for a bit.  

 Pie face was a big hit with the kids.  We went through one whole can of whipped cream! It was fun.  Poor Brent got brave and took a turn and of course got nailed right in the eyes.  ha ha.  It was funny, but sad.  

 Riley hung out with Aunt Crys and Ponyo on the couch.  

 Uncle Alan was there too. :)

 All the cousins enjoying a piece of chocolate cake.  

 Lots of basketball was played.

 They showed us one of their conference traditions...gummy bears and conference bingo.  

 These two were so cute when they were together.  

The night of the priesthood session of conference, we braved the crowd and wandered temple square while Rob, Ben and Matt went to the session.  It was crazy crowded at first, but then they cleared out after it started.

 Cute kids and the temple.

 My kids love walking up the ramp to see the Christus statue.  

Our attempt at getting a group shot of the kids.  ha ha.  Maybe Lindsy has a better shot.  

We were so sad to see them go, but it was great having them here for a while.  Come back anytime!

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lindsy said...

I'm finally getting around to putting all these pictures together too! I snagged a couple of yours, if you don't mind. And NO, I didn't get a better picture on the temple stairs. Ha!