Saturday, September 22, 2018

My First Concert

 I've never really been to a real concert before.  I went to a Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband "concert" at BYU once but it wasn't a real concert.  It was mostly just a show.  So I was really excited to go with my friend Robyn to see Pentatonix this last July. It was at and outdoor place called USANA.   We went and got food first and were going to try to bring it in and eat in on the grass where our tickets were for.  We tucked our food into Robyn's bag and got in line to get in.  Then we realized that we weren't supposed to bring food in and that they checked our bags as we went in.  Boo!  So we hurried back to the car to eat our food.  After we scarfed our Cafe Rio down, we went and got back in line to get in.  When we got to the front of the line, they informed us we couldn't bring our own water bottles in.  We could stash them in the bush and get them after the concert if we wanted to...but we both had our nice water bottles and didn't want to risk losing them.  So back to the car we went again to drop off our waters.  We pretty much left everything but the bag with our blankets in it.  We got back in the same line and got to the front.  At that point the guy that was supposed to wand us said he felt bad that we had to go back to the car so many times so he just let us in without wanding us.  And when the lady checked our bag she didn't even really look.  We totally could have snuck our food in.  Oh well.  We were honest.  That's always the best choice.  :)

We finally got in and wandered around a bit.  I found out that it was 4 dollars for a bottle of water (!) and they informed us they would have to keep the lid because when people leave them on the field they get stuck in their lawn mower and ruin it.  Ha ha.  I wasn't about to hold a water bottle for hours without a lid.  So I didn't get one right away.  I did end up getting one later because it was July and hot.  But I wasn't very happy about forking over 4 bucks for a little bottle of water without the lid. 

After the concert started things got better.  It was an amazing time and I can't wait to see another one!

 Callum Scott opened which was really cool because we had no idea and Robyn loved his music.  I had never heard of him but she was really excited!

 Of course we had to get some merchandise.  I got a shirt, and Robyn got a bag and a record. 

 The second openers were Echosmith.  They were fun to listen to.

 The sky was really pretty that night behind the stage.

 Thanks for the fun night Robyn!  We had so much fun.  

Pentatonix put on a great show.  We loved the entire thing!  Lots of people left early and they missed their encore song which was amazing.  It was Bohemian Rhapsody.  Perfect ending to a great concert!

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