Thursday, July 8, 2010

Zac's Blessing

We blessed our sweet baby boy on the 4th of July. It was an awesome day. It was super fun having both families around to play with the kiddos. Sadie just loves both sets of grandparents. Here are some pictures of the weekend with family.
Zac was really into looking at grandpa one morning. It was so cute. He must have been looking at him like this for about 5 minutes.

So smiley...and chubby! :) Check out that double chin!

Sadie loved to try to play the wii with Andrew and Rob. It was fun for her.

On our blanket waiting for fireworks to start! We dressed them in their 4th of July outfits and within about 20 minutes, Zac had a messy diaper and got it on his onesie. Sheesh.

Family was a fun time waiting for the fireworks...but it made it hard the next morning to wake up to get to church on time.

We played Sorry while we waited. It was fun...I don't remember who won. I think it was my mom...anyone remember?

Zac and Daddy -the two most handsome men ready for church. Like the matching ties? I got the idea from my sister in law who did it for their little boy's blessing a few months earlier. Check it out here.

So cozy.

Family picture...we can't ever get one where everyone looks good. Oh well.

Sadie playing with Andrew and Grandpa.

We loved having everyone here with us and we can't wait to see you all again. We already miss you!


Shanna Selin said...

Oh my goodness! Zac is huge!! And so cute! Can't wait to seem him again when we move back to Provo!

Lindsay said...

the matching ties are adorable. :)