Friday, July 9, 2010


Sadie has lots of friends. She is very social and loves to play with them. Whenever her friend Jake is outside (he lives across the street), she yells "HIIIII JAAAKE!" until he either comes over to say hi or goes inside. It is hilarious! Yesterday, we got to go to her friend Hunter's grandma's house and her and Hunter went swimming. It was so fun watching them play together. We definitely need to play more often!

They mostly hung out in the pool, but there was also a little swing set and slide that Sadie loved playing on. We would wet the slide down so it wasn't too hot and then she would slide right off the end of it and land on her bum. It was so funny!

Hunter's laugh is so great. I love it. The video is so shaky because I was laughing so hard. We couldn't really laugh out loud though because he didn't like it if we laughed at him. That was really hard because he is just so dang cute!

Thanks Hunter and Stacie for letting us play. And Marissa it was great to see you too!

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