Friday, July 16, 2010

Free Money!!

On Wednesday I got a large envelope in the mail from Nielson tv survey company or something like that. I had gotten a smaller one a few months ago and they wanted me to do a survey and send it back in. I put it on our small table in and then it got buried and I forgot about it. So then when I was cleaning up one day a few weeks later, I found it and read the paper. It said something about how they sent 2 dollars in the envelope as a gift for filling out the survey. So I looked in the envelope and sure enough there were 2 crisp one dollar bills inside. So I decided to fill out the survey and send it in since they were so nice to send 2 dollars.

So when I opened the envelope on Wednesday I was so surprised. Check out what was inside:

Yes that is right. 30 dollars! I'm rich! Not bad for taking a survey that took two minutes to fill out. Actually they want me to do another one but that isn't hard either. So I guess I will think twice before throwing away those surveys companies send in the mail! Sweet!

I treated our family to snow cones at the little shack thing by our house with my earnings. It was a fun little outing.


Kevin_Amold said...

Does your snow cone shack put ice cream on the bottom?

Lindsay said...

sweet! and i love your double stroller.

becky d said...

WOW! I too will think about throwing surveys away. I'm thinking that you might need to use your left over money to get Rob a Utah shirt of some kind. Who gave him the Arizona shirt? Someone in your family no doubt.