Saturday, July 27, 2013

A busy Saturday

Today was a busy, but very fun and productive day.  It was overcast and nice and cool all day long, so we spent a lot of the day outside.  I weeded the garden and picked tons of cherry tomatoes.  (YUM)  We also picked two cucumbers, but the one we tasted was VERY bitter and gross, so we threw it away.  Don't know if I want to taste the other one.  ha ha.  Then we went back inside and the kids needed to change clothes because they got all muddy while I was weeding the garden.  They have this water table and love to mix dirt in there and feed it to the "witch".  ha ha.  I totally remember making all kinds of "soup" (mud) in buckets in my backyard growing up.  So it is fun to see them enjoying the same thing.  But it is very messy.

Then rob decided to take a look at a spot in the yard that I told him was always really soggy.  So he dug it up while I took the kids out front and weeded out there.  Yes.  We have a lot of weeds. 

 This is a random picture that has nothing to do with this post.  But notice how Emery is touching her eyebrow?  That is how she soothes herself.  Whenever she is crying, her hand is right there.  When she is tired she is touching her eyebrow.  IT is really cute.  

 In the front yard, the kids filled up an orange bucket with water and made a mud puddle which Emery promptly sat in.  This was already outfit number two.

My three little monkeys playing in the mud.

By this time it was almost lunch time, so Rob put the kids in the shower while I made some lunch.  Then we ate and it was time for nap time and quiet time. And I decided to do something crafty.  I bought some cool wrapping paper at Tai Pan Trading (love that store!) and decided to copy my sister in law Shanna and put some up in my cupboard.

Got one shelf done rather quickly, but then I heard some noises coming from Emery's room.  So I ran down to check and this is what I found:

When I walked in all she said was "help please"  ha ha.  Her leg was really stuck.  It took me a while to get it out.  

Then I took her out to check on Daddy.  See how small that hole is?  It gets bigger...

Then I went back to my project only to realize that I forgot that the shelves were different heights so my paper didn't cover the entire thing.  But I left it that way because I am short and can't even see it when I am standing on the ground looking up at it. 

here is the finished shelf.  It only has one door because I took the left one off after bonking my head on it too many times while putting the dishes away.  The dishwasher is right under this cupboard, and it made it hard to put the dishes away so I just took the door off and it is so much better now.

The question is...should I just take the other one off too?  Haven't decided yet...what are your thoughts?  I do love how it looks now.  So fun!

Then after quiet time we went to check on daddy...and of course, Emery went straight for the mud.  ha ha.  This was outfit number three.  Just look at that face!

See how much bigger that hole is now?  We finally found the leak and cut off the pipe so we could go to home depot.

But first Emery needed a new outfit.

Then she wanted another picture.

And here is the finished product.  Rob did a great job fixing it.  Such a handyman!  :)  Now we hope it will all dry up so we can fill in the hole before all the grass dies.  


Carrie Selin said...

Whew! I'm tired reading about your busy productive day. All I did was play tennis.

lindsy said...

Wow, I'm impressed with the pipe fix! and your shelves look great! Can't wait until we move so I can do things like that. And you are one patient mom ... our kids love the mud too. I should just let them go at it one of these days.

Shanna Selin said...

Looks great! Love the paper color and pattern. And I my vote is leave the other door on.

Taylor Kevan said...

Love your shelves! What pretty paper! That's so funny that Emery went through that many outfits in one day :)

Shirl and Bill said...

Love all the pictures. Maybe you could find a different cupboard for the dishes??? Love that paper.