Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Salt Lake City

A few weekends ago our friends very kindly let us use their hotel points to stay at a hotel in Salt Lake.  The best part...there was a pool.  But the double best part was that our friends were there too!  So wer swam together and had a fun overnighter in Salt Lake.  We went to Gateway and looked at the water show/splash pad, the toy store and the book store.  The tragedy of the day was that I accidentally left our umbrella stroller on the sidewalk where we parked our car.  I got Emery out, put her in the car and forgot to go back and grab the stroller.  Oh well.  We actually bought a new one today so we can go for walks again.  :)

 In the pool.

 Emery didn't really like the floaty thing.  She mostly liked the hot tub.  

 Rob and Doug with all the kids patiently waiting for us to get the dessert opened.

 Yummy Chocolate cake and ice cream..

 Photographic evidence that I was there too.

 Sadie and Jake.  Great friends.

 The kids loved watching TV in the hotel.  Mostly because we don't have any channels at our house.  So we stayed up way too late watching tv.  

 Splash Pad.

 Emery's cute face.

 More evidence that I was in fact there.  

 Playing in the water.

Our last picture of our stroller.  So sad that it is gone.  That thing took us many many miles.  Farewell good stroller!

And  a HUGE thank you to our friends for inviting us to crash their weekend getaway!  So fun!  We will have to do it again soon! 

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