Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Since we still own our duplex in Springville, we go down and visit at least once a month to make sure everything is going good and all that.  Last Saturday we went down to collect rent and to see how things were going and then we stopped at BYU on the way home.  It was a pretty nice day outside so we parked by the bell tower and explored all around there.  It was really fun.

 By the bell tower.  They have changed a lot of things since I went to school there.  But the bell tower still looks mostly the same.

The tunnel.  This is where tunnel singing went on when Rob and I went to school.  Rob said he went a lot, I went once or twice I think.

 Of course the kids all wanted a turn doing this.  :)

 As we walked down the path we saw a door at the bottom of the bell tower opened and she was playing this bell instrument.  She told me what it was called...and she even spelled it for me...but i forgot already.  Then she played "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" on it for us.  It was really neat.  I have never seen an instrument like it.  Kind of like an organ, but the keys were like pegs sticking out and she had to hit them down with her whole hand.  Really cool.

 By the water...Zac couldn't stop looking at the ducks that were coming toward us thinking we had bread.  Poor ducks.  We had no bread.

 Love these guys.

 Emery loved the ducks too of course!

 Then we walked down to the Creamery on Ninth and got some ice cream.  

 Yum.  The kids were all tired of walking so we walked back a little ways and then Rob ran ahead and got the car and picked us up.  

This little one zonked out before we even got to the freeway on our way home.  She was tired!


lindsy said...

Cute pictures by the water! Creamery ice cream sounds soo good.

Shirl and Bill said...

How did I get so far behind on the blogs?? Lindsey, these pictures are just beautiful. The little stream, the water coming over them, the kids watching. How very precious