Monday, July 15, 2013

Visits from uncles

 In June we had some visits from Uncle Isaac and Uncle Scott.  The kids always love when their uncles come to visit!  :)  I think this post has like 20 pictures.  But hey...I'm trying to catch up!

 Uncle Isaac participating in some arts and crafts.

 Eating at a yummy frozen yogurt place.  You get to add as much candy as you want!  ha ha.  That's what the kids do anyway.  It takes them forever to eat here because they have to chew all of the gummy bears that get frozen as they sit in the ice cream.  But it is a fun little place.

 Funny picture...look at Isaac's face!

 This is what happens when you put bubbles in the jet tub and then turn the jets on.  There are like four inches of bubbles there!  ha ha.  The kids were in heaven.

 Uncle Scott came over with his fiance for a few days.  Then she had to leave (I didn't take ANY pictures while she was here...sheesh!)  Here he is grilling up the Sunday steaks.  They were delicious too.  And when we sat down at the table, scott got Zac to eat tons of brocolli and mashed potatoes, which is pretty much unheard of.  The trick was to call the potatoes french fries.  He kept asking for more french fries.  Ha ha.

 Silly picture of the kids helping me make sugar cookies.

 Then we went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point.  Emery was Scott's buddy the whole time.

 Then the kids got put in jail.  ha ha.  Look at Sadie and Zac's faces!  

 Pony ride.  This is always a favorite.  Zac just has the cutest smile!

 And so does Sadie.

 Emery even had a turn this time.  She loved it.  The only time she fussed was when she was sliding off the saddle and I didn't notice.  Ha ha.  She giggled the rest of the time.

 Then we went on the horse drawn wagon ride.  This is another favorite.  Of course, I didn't enjoy the huge toot that the horse let out right before we took off.  Yuck!  But it sure made Zac laugh.

 Sadie sat with Uncle Scott.

 By the cow.

 This makes me want some Chick Fil-A.

 Then before we left we went and got some ice cream.  Yum.  Right before lunch too.  Lucky kids.

 We went to Scheels one day too.  Scott tried out the shooting games.

 Here is another one.

 Sadie enjoying some time with the skunks.

 And of course a ride on the Ferris wheel.  

We love when our uncles come!  Can't wait to see these two and uncle Evan in August for Scott's wedding! 

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Shirl and Bill said...

I just love all these pictures. I need to find my camera for the August trip. Hope we don't overwhelm you when we all come. I got some books for the kids plus candy necklaces!!??