Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sandy Waterfall

 On Memorial Day, we decided to take the kids on a hike.  We went to the Sandy Waterfall again because we know it is short and the kids can easily make it to the end.  Also, I'm hugely pregnant, so I didn't want to be doing any crazy long hikes or anything.  So we found our way to the trail and started walking.  Rob is so great with the kids.  He will walk slow with them if they want to walk themselves or he will give them a ride on his shoulders.  They love it!

 Before we even got to the real trail, Emery got a ride.  :)

 By the time we got to the trail, Zac was on his shoulders.  ha ha.  Once we started to hike though, the kids mostly made it all by themselves.

 Here is one of the caves.  The kids don't like to go all the way in this one. 

 Here is the other cave.  The went all the way to the back of this one.  But they don't really like being in there.  ha ha

 Rob and Sadie walked right up next to the falls.  The other kids and I stayed back and threw rocks in the water.  They had to walk through a little bit of water so Rob carried her back.  But the last time we went on this hike, the waterfall was barely dripping, so we could climb up on that ledge in the picture right behind Rob.  This time there was a lot more water coming down.  It was cool.

 A bystander offered to take out picture for us.  So I strategically placed the kids in front of my belly this time.  :)

 This was Zac and Emery's favorite part.  Throwing rocks into the water over and over again.

 The falls.

 You can't tell from this angle, but the kids actually climbed pretty high on these rocks to eat their snacks.  It made me nervous, but they were fine.  

On the way back down.  Zac liked the slide on your bum method of making it down the steeper parts.  ha ha.  All in all, it was a great hike. 

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