Friday, May 30, 2014

Family pictures

 Some Sundays when the kids look really cute, I decide that I want to try to take some family pictures.  While my parent were here it was easier than normal (since I didn't have to use the timer), so we all piled onto the benches on the deck and took some!

 I love that if you look at these pictures of the kids, you can see how Emery went from happily taking pictures to not so happily taking pictures.  ha ha

 Losing it...
 Is there something in my nose?  Zac looks pretty done here too.

 Rob photo bombed this one...his face is just too good not to share.  ha ha

By the time it was the grandparent's turn, this was the best we got because the kids were done.  I think it turned out pretty cute still though. 


lindsy said...

Very, very CUTE!

Carrie Selin said...

I'm going to copy and save these pictures. Hope you don't mind. They are darling.

Taylor Kevan said...

Haha these are too good.

Laurel and Doug said...

Such great pictures! And you rock that dress. :) Let's never wear it in the same place and the same time... ;)